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Transportation Department

We’re all about safety in the Transportation Department. Our bus drivers take care to provide students with a secure and positive experience, and they ask that all students follow the bus rules. We encourage you to review these rules with your child.

Our Bus Rules

Boarding the Bus

  • When waiting for the bus, stand at least 10 feet from where the bus stops. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before moving toward it.
  • Walk to the bus (don’t run)—and please board on time.

Riding the Bus

  • Find your seat quickly.
  • Sit facing the front with your feet on the floor (keep your feet out of the aisles). 
  • Stay in your seat at all times.
  • Keep your hands and other objects inside the bus.
  • Do not throw things inside the bus.
  • Keep the noise level to a minimum—no yelling, please.
  • Only drink water on the bus (no food, gum, or beverages other than water).

Exiting the Bus

  • Exit the bus slowly and safely.
  • Always walk at least five feet in front of the bus if you have to cross the street.
  • Look both ways before crossing.

Transportation Staff

Victor Munoz
Maintenance/Bus Driver
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