Our District

About Paloma Elementary District

Paloma Elementary District #94 is made up of one K–8 school that currently serves approximately 85 students. We offer a rigorous curriculum and solid educational experiences that prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and growth. Because we are a small district, we have an excellent grasp on the needs of every student, and we can tailor our programs and services to meet those needs.

The Title I Advantage

As a Title I district, we receive financial assistance in order to ensure that our students have a fair and equal opportunity to receive a high quality education. Due to this funding, we are able to implement school-wide programs to help our students achieve proficiency on state academic achievement standards. We work together to provide a well-rounded education for every student.

College & Career Ready

If you have questions about the College and Career Ready Standards, we encourage you to review the documents below. Select your child’s grade level from the list below to learn more about how you can help your child succeed under the new state standards.