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Good technology is no longer optional in the educational system; it is absolutely essential. We are committed to providing quality technology for our students and teachers. Some of the programs we use include:

  • myOn Reader: a powerful but easy-to-use literacy platform that includes a large library of leveled non-fiction and fiction e-books accessible to all of our students from school or home.

  • Renaissance Learning: the most widely-used reading program in K–12 schools. Students read a book, take an Accelerated Reading (AR) quiz, and get immediate feedback. Teachers can assign assessments and monitor individual progress.

  • Fast ForWord: a different online reading intervention that targets foundational phonemic awareness, language, memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills.

  • ST Math: a game-based instructional software for K–12, designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning.

Our My-Math curriculum by McGraw-Hill and interactive science curriculum by Pearson both provide digital tools including instructional videos and tutorials that can be accessed by students and parents from home. Additionally, both programs provide the digital print of the textbooks and an entire online library.

The Paloma School District provides a one-to-one technology environment for all of our students. Devices include iPads for the kindergarten class, Chromebooks for first through eighth grade classes, and Kindle e-readers and tablets for the older students. The district runs approximately 200 Mbps of bandwidth preventing interruption during the digital learning day.

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